Young Citizen of the Year Award

Livingston Village Community Education Centre Association [LVCECA] is the voluntary management committee who manage the community facilities attached to Livingston Village Primary School [LVPS].

We have decided to sponsor a local award for young people of Primary School age who live within the Livingston Village area [or who regularly attends a group activity within the Livingston Village area]. This will be known as the Livingston Village Young Citizen of the Year.

The recipient of this award will be chosen by the LVCECA committee from a nominations list.

Nominees will be a young person whose name is put forward by a qualifying adult e.g. relative, a schoolteacher or a Youth Leader from a local organisation operating in the area [such as Brownies or Guides etc].

The Nominee should be a young person who is deserving of recognition. This may be because they have made an outstanding contribution to the local community or they have achieved something special which is deserving of recognition or due to the general way in which they live their life is worthy of recognition.

The recipient will be presented with a shield [inscribed with their name]. This shield shall be permanently displayed in the Display Cabinet situated in the Main Foyer of the Community Wing at LVPS. The winner will also receive an inscribed cup which they can take home and keep.

LVCECA Young Citizen of the Year 2019 Nomination Form

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